2019 Embroidery Subscription: The Stitchery Sampler

2019 Embroidery Subscription: The Stitchery Sampler

Monthly Subscription #thestitcherysampler

Inspired by my love of words, typography and antique monograms, next year’s monthly subscription will be an A-Z needlework sampler.

For my work at The Stitchery I have spent the year inspecting, buying and hoarding all kinds of antique linen sheets. Most of them have been either elaborately embroidered with ornate monograms or at the very least sport a discreet crossed stitch initial at the hem. It has given me such pleasure sorting through the monograms and I have to confess that the fancier the better!

I am an avid reader and have always loved a hardback storybook with illuminated letters. I would often decorate the first letter of the stories and correspondence that I wrote as a child. The combination of lettering and drawing fascinates me and so working with Kate Nicole of Oyster Bridge & Co this year has been such a privilege. Kate’s delicate lettering and scrollwork has no doubt been influenced by the beautiful antique French documents, magazines and books that her family has sourced for more than 20 years. With its refined, almost ethereal beauty, I have found Kate’s work and her guidance hugely inspiring.

I wanted the subscription next year to be a little more challenging for the stitchers taking part and feedback from the journal suggested that my subscribers would like to have something they can frame and show off, having worked so hard on their needlework skills. With this in mind I have created an A-Z sampler for the 2019 project. Kate Nicole has provided the artwork, illustrations and lettering for the packaging. It is super gorgeous.

In month one you will receive the backing linen printed with the full sampler pattern outlines together with the thread, patterns and instructions for letters A-C. Each month thereafter you will receive another two or three letter patterns to stitch together with the threads and full size pattern for you to use for other pieces of work afterwards. Perhaps you would like to monogram a pair of pillowcases as a gift or work a ‘welcome’ sign for your home. Each letter works beautifully together and although they are decorated with differing flowers and stitches the whole pattern is perfectly harmonious.

The patterns each month will be kept as a mystery and you will be able to connect with other stitchers and follow progress with the hashtag #thestitcherysampler

This year I provided youtube tutorials for the first few months to share the detail of the stitches; this will be something that I do every month with the Stitchery Sampler to share how to work the letters but it will be subscriber content only accessible via Vimeo. You can find me on Vimeo here. There has been a real community of stitchers this year and I am keen to help share this and widen the community next year with fun online webinars for stitchers and gatherings across the country for those who would like to meet their stitchery friends in person. This is all included within the cost of the subscription.

You should buy your first subscription and reserve a place in the project by purchasing here. There is also the option to buy a year’s subscription in full at a discounted price; this is a great idea for gifts and you can find more information here.


Subscriptions remain open for 2019. You should order your first kit here which provides you with the main backing linen and first set of instructions with relevant threads. Subscribing via paypal will automate your payments for the rest of the subscription, so you don’t need to do anything more than just gather your stitching kit and wait for happy post to arrive each month. Subscription packs will be sent on or around 20th of each month.

The button to subscribe via paypal is below. There are three payment options you must choose from to allow for varying postage rates; choose either UK only, Europe or USA/Rest of World.

If you don’t wish to use paypal you can subscribe via the website here with your chosen credit or debit card.

Quarterly Subscription #thestitcheryseasons

**** The Quarterly Seasons subscription is now sold out but you are able to buy ‘naked editions’ of the Quarterly Subscription in the shop. These are released 1-2 weeks after the subscribers receive their full kits ***

In addition to the monthly embroidery subscription, I am delighted to say that Kate and I will work closely together next year to provide a LIMITED EDITION quarterly subscription.

Based on the Seasons you can expect a beautifully packaged parcel from the two of us in March, June, September and December. For all of my workshops at the Rosehip Farmhouse, Kate has created her beautiful handmade journals with personalised labels. For 2019, Kate will create the folder and the labels for a special seasonal embroidery pattern that I have designed. Again, the pattern and packaging design will remain a secret until we post them but numbers are strictly limited to ensure that Kate can handmake each and every folder to hold your embroidery pattern.

Nicki x