2020 at The Stitchery


Monthly Subscription 2020

There is nothing like being at home, for real comfort.” Jane Austen, Emma (1815)

I had lots of thoughts around the 2020 subscriptions at The Stitchery but I kept coming back to the idea of ‘home’ and the little havens that we create for ourselves.

I am a homebird; there is nowhere I would rather be than in my own home. I love to travel and spend time away with friends and family but nothing can beat coming home to your own little haven to ease off your shoes and sink into your cosiest sofa with a cup of tea.

Many of my embroidery friends will agree with this, I know. Embroidery is an old-fashioned occupation which keeps our minds engaged and our hands busy. The practise grounds us, lifts our mood and slows down the days which increasingly feel long and stressful.

The subscription next year will see the return of The Stitchery Journal with a monthly embroidery pattern for you to stitch. Sticking loosely to the theme of ‘haven’ the embroidery patterns will be beautiful in their own right and work well as framed pictures, cushions and other decorative accessories for the home.

We all have our own idea of a haven; whether it is a potting shed in the garden or sweet thatched cottage, they all translate easily into embroidery designs. Whilst the kits each month will be a surprise, think of the places that quietly whisper ‘haven’ to you… perhaps a log cabin in the woods, a shepherd’s hut on a working farm or a picnic spot next to a beautiful lake.

The embroidery patterns will be suitable for ‘enthusiastic beginners’ and beyond. The designs that you stitch will be more time-consuming than previous Stitchery subscriptions but I will stick to the ‘baker’s dozen’ of stitches that I teach on a regular basis.

Subscribers can choose to buy a linen journal, handmade from antique linen. Keen sewers can buy online instructions to make their own. The 2020 journal is larger than before at 12” square, ties with two beautiful silk bows and the cloth cover is hardback for extra durability and luxury. There is the option of buying the cover art that you can embroider and applique to the front of your Journal, or you can simply stitch your own design. The completed journal becomes fat with 12 pieces of embroidered linen; something that your family will enjoy flicking through in years to come and your own tangible contribution to social history in a world where photographs, mail and family recipes are saved in a digital ‘cloud’ rather than a dusty attic.

The first pattern will ship in January with the remaining patterns shipped monthly thereafter. To secure your subscription, the first kit may be purchased now (order here) together with the optional handmade linen journal. The full-year subscription offers a discount of £38.50 to UK Subscribers (equivalent of 11 months free postage). For EU and Rest of the World subscribers the discount is £37.45 for EU and £44.45 for US and Rest of the World ( the equivalent of one free monthly kit with free postage for that monthly kit too). An automatic subscription facility will be generated at the end of January when the first month has shipped; this will enable automatic payments that can be cancelled at any point.

I realise that those people buying a full-year subscription may be doing so as a Christmas gift and with this in mind, all orders placed before 1st December will receive a professionally printed gift card that they can present to the recipient.

I hope that you can join the Stitchery community for another year of stitching, support and friendship.

Quarterly Subscription 2020


Inspired by The World of Beatrix Potter

The Stitchery Quarterly Subscription 2020

I will be running another quarterly stitchery subscription next year for those who enjoy a more leisurely pace for their sewing.

I am a huge fan of Beatrix Potter’s work; I enjoy both her writing and her artwork but I also very much admire the strong character that she was. She had such a love of nature and a deep desire to protect the land around her home. Having spent a childhood immersed in the woodlands near to our home, collecting grasshoppers and small fish in jam jars, I can relate entirely to the world of Beatrix Potter! Miss Potter’s stories conjure up a magical world and the embroidery patterns next year will be inspired by the essence of those stories. We clearly won’t be stitching bunnies in jackets with brass buttons, more’s the pity, but you can expect detailed miniature scenes inspired by vegetable plots, garden gates with rambling roses and upturned flower pots.

First kits and full-year subscriptions can be bought here very soon with the first kit despatched at the end of March 2020, coinciding with a Beatrix Potter themed creative Retreat that I will be running in the beautiful Lake District for four days from 23rd March 2020. More details to follow shortly.