Embroidery Kits, Sunshine and Workshops

There is so much going on at The Stitchery at the moment that it is taking real effort to heed my own advice and slow down... 

The thing is, I have met SO many wonderful, like-minded, people through my work that it is hard not to be super enthusiastic and excited.  I have to set my alarm to remind myself to go home!  The studio is most definitely my happy place and Andrew (my husband) loves coming here too. 

The Stitchery Map.jpg

(How lovely is this Castle Ashby map that Kate drew for me!  If you could see the scraps and sketches she was given to work from you'd be even more impressed.  Kate is an absolute creative genius and I want to be her when I grow up.)

We are working hard on collating the June subscription kits at the moment and they will despatch on Monday.  I am in love with the summer designs for the subscription kits; fresh, delicate florals with pretty colour palettes.  I am excited for people to receive them! 

I realise that not everyone likes the mystery and commitment of a subscription service so I've been working with brand designer Lucy Hopcraft and artist Kate Nicole to come up with some beautiful standalone kits that you can basically buy off the shelf.  Kate provides all of the lovely handmade folders for my embroidery workshops and I wanted the new kit design to incorporate that.  I'm really happy with the kits that we've put together and the first ones will be landing on doormats early next week.  You can order yours here.  Perfect little stitcheries for yourself to work on but I think they will also make the most lovely gifts.  I have a small range of my favourite haberdashery items for sale in the studio which will be available online soon, so maybe a one-stop shop for a present for that creative friend of yours? 

rose embroidery kit.jpg

I have finalised my plans to attend the Dorset Brocante in Dean's Court on August Bank Holiday Monday and the Christmas Fair at the Larmer Tree Gardens on 30th November and 1st December.  I'll be selling my kits and haberdashery but also holding a few workshops too.  I so enjoyed my time at the Dorset Brocante last month so I am really looking forward to the next fairs.  Really hope you can come to see me.   If Dorset is a bit too far, I have published a couple of summer workshops here at the studio too - we will be stitching pretty floral heart garlands to make into lavender cushions (or frame if you're not keen on lavender).  Lots to look forward to.   If you fancy coming along to a workshop either at the studio or the Dorset Brocante then please book here

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful week and enjoying the warm weather.  It feels like such a treat to have G&T in the sunshine after a long day, surrounded by the roses in the garden (which are so good this year!). 

Lots of love

Nicki xx

Calligraphy by Kate Nicole, Oyster Bridge & Co 

Calligraphy by Kate Nicole, Oyster Bridge & Co