New Beginnings

Hello! Thank you for coming over to visit me, whether you found me via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or just from a link on my old blog.  As you can see, I've moved to a new space on the internet.  Quite excitingly, for me at least, there are a lot of changes happening around here at the moment.


I left my job.  I LEFT MY JOB! Eek.  I think I might be having a mini mid-life crisis sans leopard print.  I am 39 on my next birthday (soon) and I have been thinking a lot about what I've done with my life so far and what I'd like to do with the next 40 years. 

I have spent the last decade working for a bank.  Whilst I loved the people and found the work interesting, it wasn't something I dreamed of doing as an 8 year old.  When I was 8 years old I wanted to be an author.  I still do.  

Don't get me wrong, I don't have ideas above my station.  I don't anticipate being the next Jane Austen.  I just craved more time to write happy, cosy, easy-reading fiction.  When you spend your days typing emails about net interest margins, diary openings and marketing campaigns, the last thing you feel like doing in the evening is stare at a laptop.  I also started to become uncomfortably aware that my lifestyle was becoming a bit consumerist.  I have been working hard and spending hard.  Cash-rich (sorta) and time-poor.  I feel ready for a change of pace.

So, I left the bank and I'm following a few dreams.  I am going to spend my days writing here on my blog, and working on my first novel.  To keep the wolf from the door (because we all know that writing rarely pays!), I'll also be opening a little online shop selling a carefully hand-picked selection of gorgeous homewares and pretty little extras hand-stitched by me.  I'll keep you posted, but it's coming soon!  

In the meantime, I'll be writing here about my new, more simple and less spendy, lifestyle.  As well as sharing my stitchy work and homewares collection, I'll also be talking about life in a 17th Century cottage and the leaky roofs, creaky beams, cooking and country walks.  It'll be a diary, too, with bits about places I've been and things I've done.  I'd love you to join me.  


(Don't be confused - I'm using my old 'homebird' drawings whilst I wait for new ones to be drawn up.  Just wanted to make it feel a bit more personal around here but this website is very much a work in progress!)