'Tis the Season to be Jolly...

...Faa la la la laaaa la la la laaaaa!... *insert semi-quaver emoji*

I have been listening to SmoothXmas on the radio and playing about with holly, ivy and mistletoe so I am sure you can imagine the tunes I've been belting out all week.  My cold has completely gone so my singing voice is back to its usual loud and tuneless glory.  

Have you had a nice week?  I've had a lovely, busy one.  I have been making both indoor and outdoor wreaths, finally decorated the tree and made a mountain of peppermint bark.  We had to buy new lights for the tree again this year.  Our existing ones were too dull after the 2014 season of full-on day-long fairy lights.  I put the tree up and decorated it on Saturday night but the lights were so feeble that it gave me a little Christmas rage.  So I stripped it and redecorated on Sunday.  It is so hard to find bright warm white lights anywhere.  Eventually found a big box at the local Garden Emporium and am very happy now.   No more Christmas rage for me.  (It was mild Christmas rage, let me be clear.  More of an irritability.  I wasn't brandishing knives at my husband or anything like that.  Saving that for Christmas Eve in the supermarket.  Ha.)

This week became 'that time of year' when my sister realises she needs teacher gifts and asks me at the last minute to come up with something pretty and inexpensive.  Luckily I have a cosy little shop this year with a few cupcake votives left.  I decorated them with leftover bits of foliage, a candy cane and tag stamped with my new Jessie Chorley Christmas stamp.  Hope sis and Iz are pleased - I'm off to deliver them shortly and join the girls for tea.  Very excited.  Couldn't do this when I worked for the bank!  

I'll be checking in again soon - I have closed my order book for the season (I'll be reopening it in the new year for my range of embroidered homewares) so things have quietened down a little for me.  If you want to buy anything from the shop over Christmas, go ahead and fill your boots!  I'll be posting all through the Christmas break.   I think the last day for pre-Christmas postage, though, is Friday.  

Enjoy the rest of the week.