February pretties

Hello and happy Monday.  Yay, we got through it!  It has been so grey here in South Northamptonshire.  It doesn't help that we live in a tiny cottage with thick walls and small windows - it's dark at the best of times.  Today I have had all of the lamps on and candles burning constantly.

In all honesty, I have felt a bit pants today.  I'm just getting over a nasty cold and feel very rundown and sluggish.  I also have a bit of hormonal rage (TMI?).  Nice combination.  So, I took a bit of time out this morning to watch a couple of episodes of The Affair and do some easy knitting.  Have you seen it?  I didn't watch when it originally aired so I have two lovely seasons to binge on.  I am loving it.  Such a crazily stylish programme, I love Ruth Wilson's beachgirl wardrobe.  It makes me dream of summer days in cotton dresses and tan leather sandals.  It also makes me pine for a more simple life - Alison and Cole's beach house has that shabby but stylish thrown-together look.  It is basically like watching a Toast catalogue brought to life.  Heaven.  

I have just finished a pair of gorgeous fair isle wristies but I didn't bother knitting a swatch and they are much too small.  I am going to have a very cosy niece.  I've also started knitting a pink Tess heartwarmer and will soon start the Martin Storey knitalong for Rowan.  The wool should arrive from The Wool Sanctuary any day now.  Yay!

Anyway, I didn't stop by to gripe about my day (although sympathy for my cold is always welcome), I wanted to let you know about the gorgeous whitestone pots that I have added to my shop.  I planted mine up with hyacinths, snowdrops and lavender this weekend and they look so pretty and fresh in my conservatory.  Have a little look when you get a mo. 

Have a good week,