Slow Weekend

On Friday evening I cleared the ironing pile, decluttered our bedroom and changed the sheets from brushed cotton floral to my favourite floppy white linen.  I moved my essential oil diffuser into the bedroom and added lavender oil to the water.  I had a long, hot, shower, plastered myself in my favourite thick body cream and got an early night.  It felt so good to properly declutter after Christmas; get everything bright and white again.

I think it set me up for a productive, but slow, weekend.  As I sit here now and reflect, I feel calm, relaxed and happy.  I've slept well.  I think that having a diffuser in the bedroom has helped the dry cough that sometimes wakes me in the night.  The linen sheets are cooler and fresher than the brushed cotton.  

We have been at home for most of the weekend, only going out for walks with Lizzie.  The weather yesterday was beautiful.  It was cold but bright and sunny.  No wind at all. We walked and walked.  I made use of the light and took lots of lovely photographs for the shop.  Worked on my latest embroidery project (an embroidered heart) and sat in the conservatory watching the birds.  Today we had a lazy brunch and I gave the shop a little reshuffle, ready for the spring.  There is definitely a calmness to be gained from having a sort out.  

The conservatory is full of spring flowers.  Rustic pots of tete a tete and muscari, old marmalade jars filled with snowdrops and zinc tubs of hyacinths.  Supermarket flowers are still going strong from last weekend and I cut a few stems shorter to put in my new bud vases and dot around the house.  A little posy of roses sits by the bed.

We are rested and ready for a busy week ahead.

Nicki oXo