Flowers in the House....

I have always loved having flowers around the house and it was my new year resolution to treat myself to a bunch each week.  My favourite flowers are roses (particularly the bombastic spray roses in the photos here) but I also love peonies, ranunculus and hydrangea.  

Money is tight since I became self-employed and I have become obsessive about finding the right flowers at the right price.  Good cut flowers are pretty hard to come by here in Northamptonshire.  You simply cannot pop into a florist to buy a few hydrangea heads; they just don't keep them in stock.  Paperwhites in early Spring are an impossibility too.  When buying flowers for gifts, Andrew and I will go to either Frosts Garden Centre near Milton Keynes or - my new favourite - The Flower Boutique in Woburn Sands.  (The large zinc bucket full of flowers was from there for Mother's Day).   For everyday flowers, Aldi is the best supermarket.  Their flowers are fresh and well-priced but most importantly they have a bigger selection than the standard chrysanthemums that you find in the likes of Tesco et al.  I've bought alliums, peonies and small bunches of berries there previously.  Lidl is a close second and their roses last for weeks.

As well as buying flowers I like to pick a few from the garden and have been snipping blossom from the beautiful big tree in my friend's new garden.  My sister has a cherry blossom tree about to bloom and next time I visit her I will take my snips!  A single branch of blossom in a little glass bottle or vase looks stunning and brings a bit of spring into the house.  I use old lemonade and apothecary bottles.

When I can, though, I buy flowers from The Country Brocante Store; Wild Willow Flowers are divine. 

I love to see a big jug full of flowers on a table or counter but when they start to fade I like to split up the bouquets and pop them into smaller vessels that I dot around the house.  Tiny glass bud vases are perfect for little posies next to the bed or in a guest room.  I also like to have a little pot of something pretty by the side of the sink in the bathroom.  I think little touches like that make the place feel more homely and cared for.  

When I buy things for my shop I always buy for myself first which is why you'll find lots of small vessels for flowers and plants around the home.  I have created a special 'for flowers' section where you will find small zinc jugs, hanging glass jam jars (like the one above), glass bud vases and tiny terracotta flower pots.

I am so looking forward to this weekend.  I have been helping my sister move into a new house and as a result ours looks like it has been burgled.  (In fact my MIL popped over to help with the dog when we were out one day and was alarmed at the state of the place - she never usually comments on the house but asked when the bomb had gone off, haha!).  

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading.


Nicki xxx