Hello Spring!


Welcome, Spring. We have been waiting for you! (Well, I have.)

Despite having a million and twenty three things to do today, I took my notebooks and coffee into the conservatory first thing this morning for a bit of a slow start to the day.

I love our conservatory even though it is falling to bits. There is a big comfy sofa in there, lots of lovely cushions and my antique quilt collection (safely stored in an antique meat safe where I can see them folded and pretty, but out of direct sunlight). There is a little desk for when I want to paint by the window and a very shabby coffee table piled with books on all manner of subjects. It’s a lovely, relaxing and inspiring room to be in.

As I cradled my coffee cup this morning I watched the birds come and go. A pair of blue tits was checking out the accommodation I have provided and seemed to settle on the sweet pale grey property that I have put up on the old barn wall. One of them kept popping in and hammering its beak on the wall inside, which I took as a positive sign that the dwelling is satisfactory! It is in a pretty little spot right above an old ladder on which I hang galvanised steel buckets planted with trailing pink flowers in the summer. We had blue tits nesting in the same box last year and I wonder if the same family has returned. I like to think so.

A large female blackbird hopped around collecting various leaves and twigs, carrying huge beakfuls to a spot in the neighbour’s hedge which overhangs a wall in the shady part of the garden, by our swing seat. This makes me very happy as I adore baby blackbirds. They are so darned fluffy and very cute when learning to fly.

Narcissi are bobbing their heads happily and my favourites are those that are pure white with spiky petals. I planted a variety of tulips which all look set to bloom very soon and I can’t wait for the bluebells. Is there anything nicer than a walk in the bluebell woods during Spring? I have been stitching a little bluebell embroidery in my spare time and dreaming of it.

The Stitchery Seasons Spring kit was posted out to subscribers last week and the reaction has been very positive which is a huge relief! When people sign up for a surprise through their post box each month there is a huge responsibility to make sure that you meet expectations and create something that people will enjoy stitching. There are a few kits left (unfortunately without Kate’s beautiful Limited Edition packaging) over on the website now if you fancy stitching a few Springtime flowers in the sunshine. We ship everywhere and the kits are suitable for all levels. I’ll be sharing a tutorial video in the next few days too, for anyone stuck with the stitches. The kit comes with a little paper sign with β€˜hello Spring’ but as the pictures above show, you could customise it with your own lettering (and words) if you prefer. Just be sure to use a removable pen and cover the marks very carefully.

Wishing everyone a happy week and a short β€˜to do’ list.


Nicki xxx