School Fair and Shop Launch

On Thursday evening I had my first fair for The Little Green Door.  It was  just a school Christmas fair at my niece's primary school and I didn't expect to sell much but knew it would be a good opportunity to practise setting up my stall and trial my handmade display boards.  It was also really lovely to be in the vicinity of my niece who, in her silver sequinned dress and hairband was dashing around the school hall with her best friend in an excitable frenzy.  (She'd got 'Santa' sussed though and told me with a puzzled expression that "it wasn't Santa, it was Mr Foster.")  I had to concentrate really hard on keeping a straight face.  

The fair was good, if a little quiet.  It was pouring with rain on Thursday which I think kept people indoors, which was a shame.  Happily, I had a lady selling amazing macarons next to me and she kept my blood sugar levels up.

My gingerbread man wreaths were the most popular item on my stall and I've been making more this weekend.  Since going live with my little online shop this evening, I've sold out again but if you were hoping to bag one don't worry as I'll be making more tomorrow.  Please email me if you'd like me to make one to order.

Truth be told, since going to the Caroline Zoob workshop on Tuesday, all I have wanted to do is make paper decorations, cards and gift tags.  I've been buying loads of antique papers and a huge spool of antique linen thread so I'm going to have a nice afternoon to myself one day this week, with a mince pie and some carols on the radio.  

If you ever have the chance to attend a Zoob workshop I would definitely recommend it. Caroline hosts them from various venues around the country but the two I have been to have been in the most amazing homes of her friends.  Tuesday's workshop was in a lovely country home in the Cotswolds.  The host, Jane, was very warm and friendly - she also made the most delicious lunch.  We finished the day with mince pies and tea by the log burner.  I could have stayed the week.  It was so relaxing.  Caroline brings with her a stash of vintage fabrics, antique papers and her lovely patterns.  We made loads on Tuesday, it was very productive day! 

I'm about to give the husband a 'boost' into the loft so that he can fetch down the Christmas decorations.  We bought our trees today - a bit earlier than usual this year but next weekend is set to be a busy one so I thought I'd start the festivities early.  

Have good week - speak soon.


PS just wanted to confirm to my international readers that I am happy to post overseas.  If you select the 'international' option at checkout I will contact you separately to confirm postage costs.  I will send by the safest and most economical method for you and will check your preference before actioning.