Watering Can Embroidery

This weekend I was due to teach a little embroidery class at the Dorset Brocante.  I had romantic plans to sit in a beautifully sunny garden underneath a pop-up gazebo (for shade) sipping tea and stitching with a group of lovely women.  Unfortunately the weather had other plans and it simply wasn't the weather for gazebo stitch parties.  

I had prepared a little embroidery kit for my stitchers in advance of the brocante; it was my last nod to summer... A tiny painted watering can planted with a waterfall of palest pink flowers sitting on a patch of late forget-me-nots...


I may make the design into an 'official' kit in the spring next year but I think it is nice for my workshop attendees to have something special all for themselves to stitch.

I spent my unexpected day off wisely. I haven't taken any time just to be at home for a long while and so I pottered around the house, drinking good coffee, reading (Close to Home by Cara Hunter; so far so good) and preparing to go back to art school next Friday.  I bought a new paint palette and spent an enjoyable hour choosing colours, putting them in order and squeezing them into their little wells. I labelled the wells and made a little chart to keep inside the palette too.  

I felt like painting a little something small and quick. When I was in Norfolk recently I bought myself a little book of blank watercolour postcards.  The perfect size to ward off 'the fear of the blank page' and so I had a little practise at painting my embroidery.  I often do little watercoloured sketches when I am coming up with design ideas but I haven't worked this way round before.  I feel inspired to try to paint watercolours of my other pieces; just for my journal.  Of course I will share them with you here too, since you're such a kind and supportive bunch! 


It was the loveliest day and I felt refreshed to start a busy week at work.  I have a Social Stitch group on Saturday here at the studio and I want to get the place ship shape before everyone arrives. 

Enjoy this last week of August and the last days of the school holidays. 


Nicki x