Hips, Haws, Sloes and Blackberries

The Stitchery Studio Autumn Wreath

The Stitchery Studio Autumn Wreath


Such a beautiful time of year; September to New Year's Eve is my very favourite. 

So many cosy, lovely things to do and see.  Walking through the countryside at the moment is blissful.  The days are comfortably warm, the hedgerows and trees laden with fruit.  So much colour; beautiful muted pinks and greens of slowly ripening fruit contrasts with the vivid orangey red of rosehips and the jewel-like deep purples of blackberries and elderberries.

So much inspiration; for drawing, painting, stitching and applique.  I have been working on a few Autumnal pieces - a beautiful bramble wreath for a forthcoming workshop at the Rosehip Farmhouse and a more muted wreath of seedheads which will be released as a standalone kit very soon.  

I am enjoying the cooler weather at last, particularly at night time, but so appreciate the still-warm sunshine during the day.  Still perfect temperatures for taking a coffee outside, wearing sandals and sunglasses.

I always feel so inspired at this time of the year that I feel almost panicky that there aren't enough hours or days for me to get everything done.  I have dug out my Cali Cozy quilt kit from Alicia Paulson and plan to start piecing the top this weekend (after a little brocanting and brunching, of course).  I am trying to balance my desire to savour the present seasons with the necessity of planning for forthcoming seasons.  I have been working on Christmas plans for a few weeks now and whilst I am excited to launch Christmas workshops I am loath to move on too quickly and miss the onset of Autumn in all her glory.

The concept of new beginnings has been overused in social media but I am totally on board with the fresh start that September brings; squeaky new school shoes and all.

Have a wonderful week and thanks for reading. 

Nicki xx

PS if you can make it to Suffolk and would like to join us for a blissful day of wreath embroidery then you can book here.  There are still spaces available. These are my last workshops at the very special Rosehip Farmhouse as the family is moving next month.  Very exciting for them but I am sure tinged with a little sadness to be moving on.